Thursday, November 23, 2006

It vanished n now its back

Saturday, January 21, 2006

welsh assembly in DISARRAY

Assembly members aid and abet intellectual property theft. following on the wilful neglect of vulnerable adults various Assembly members were notified of harrassment and abuse of my good self by various neighbours, seems that the neighbourhood nuisance handbook provided by the council is a complete and utter waste of time. I therefore told the assembly members the following story.

I had made some stepping stones for the sacred space I was creating in the garden out of wood and decorated them with three images of the Simpsons, Bart Homer and lucy, one day I came home to find them up against the wall of my next door neighbours whom I had fallen out with. It was a sunday afternoon and there was noone in that house so as I picked them up to replace them back in my garden one of the kids in the area told me some men had come to photograph them. It still amazes me that they were so foolish as to leave them there, but then the Divine moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.

Lo and behold it wasn't long before I saw the self same images being sold in the Hyper Value Store in the centre of Cardiff. So when the Housing dept and the police told me that there was insufficient evidence to do anything about the neighbours abuse I asked them to investigate that and that maybe just maybe they would find that the rip off artists were one and the same. Needless to say the police havent bothered to investigate this and it seems that the IPCC are very reluctant to investigate it either and none of the Assembly member who were sent copies of the complaint have bothered to push the police to clear this matter up once and for all.

It even seems that Fox broadcasting the owners of the copyrights are unwilling to deal with the issue needless to say Hyper Value stopped selling them, I wonder if anyone who comes accross this blog in Cardiff ever bought one. If you look at some of the other banners I have made you will see that they use the self same images of Bart and lucy as those on the stepping stones.

Go look at the Welsh Assembly members named and shamed blog to be created next and maybe you'll see the kind of people these assembly members really are.

first published 21/1/06.
Its now the 6/4/06 the IPCC havent done anything to push for this to be investigated.
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